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9 Months in the Making for 1 Day in September


Some of you may have seen me going on and on about the bike (quite a lot). But for those of you who havent heres a quick recap of what and why.

Last year (2016) I was in London for a day out with the family. We were having a very British afternoon tea at The Ritz, and upon leaving we were met with the most spectacular explosion of noise and machinery. The London Distinguished Gentlemans Ride was parading past us, and the sound was echoing and being magnified by the tall buildings. It was AMAZING.

There and then I declared i wanted to be part of that.  At 43 years old I had never owned a bike, and had only ridden a moped on holiday many many years ago.

In January 2017 I purchased a wreck of a BMW K100RS, which was destined to be broken down for spares. I spent the next 9 months stripping it down, modifying, repairing and styling the bike to my desired taste. I call it a Cafe Racer but its not 100% Cafe Racer as it has high and wide handlebars so its kind of a cross between a Cafe and a Bobber. Ultimatey it is what it is and I like it!

On September  20th, with 3 days until the DGR, I passed the last of the bike tests legally allowing me to ride my bike, and on Sunday 24th I very happily rode in the Maidstone Distinguished Gentlemans Ride.

Since building the bike I have met so many amazing people within the biker community and I hope to have lots of ride outs and meet ups as time goes by. I still need to get a lot more experience on the bike so am still taking it slowly.


You can see more about the bike build here..