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Bike Builds
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Ducati Diavel 1260 Review

Ducati Diavel 1260 review for new or inexperienced riders Review: January 2020 Rider: Wayner aka TripleB Location: Kent UK Road Condition: Dry/Damp and Cold Bike: 2019 Ducati Diavel 1260. Loaned by Laguna Performance Ashford "By far the...

9 Worlds Kustoms

9 Worlds Kustoms I take a ride out to deepest darkest Kent to meet with Dan from 9 Worlds Kustoms. A custom bike builder, mechanic, air brush and powder coat specialist. A true master at work.  

Hangar 10 Air Brush Studio

Hangar 10 Air Brush Studio I paid a visit to Foz at Hangar 10. This guy is making waves in the custom Air Brush scene and his work is admired far and wide on all social media platforms. Here is a link to our video with all the details if you want some Hangar 10...

Triumph Cafe Racer Custom Bike Build

The Triumph Cafe RacerSo here we go again. The second official build from the TripleB stable. It's been over 2 years since my first ever bike build, and so much has changed since. From 45 years without owning or riding a bike, to now having bought and sold around 30+...

Got a Story, Bike Build or Product Review

We are looking for people willing to tell their story on pretty much anything motorbikes. Nothing tells a story better than Jo Public, especially when it comes to product reviews. How many times have you read a product review and it has read like something straight...

Buying a Motorcycle Insurance Write Off

Buying a Motorcycle Insurance Write OffBefore I start, I have to say I'm only giving my personal experiences. I have only been 'dabbling' in this for a little while, I make no claims that I am an expert.I've got a bunch of plans and schemes for my new career in the...

Motorcycle Winter Storage

Motorcycle Winter Storage Its that time of year in the UK when Winter is upon us. Dark evenings, Dark Mornings, frost, ice and even snow on the roads, if not, then huge mounds of grit along with pot-holes the size of craters. So for those that don't fancy that and...

Triumph Speed Triple Cafe Racer

Triumph Speed Triple Cafe Racer TripleB Build No.2 Name: Thunder There's no going back, I have crossed the point of no return.I have spent a few weeks "do I don't I" whether to keep or get rid the Speed Triple. I haven't had a huge...

Blood Biker

Blood Biker Since becoming a 'biker' way back in 2017 (yes that's sarcasm) my life has changed quite dramatically. I've got a bunch of new biker friends, I have seen parts of the country I never would have, I get out more, I've got a new business, I read more, yes...

triumph Speed Triple 1050. Stay or Go

So now the K100 has gone, its time to turn my attention to the new stallion in the stable, my 2012 Triumph Speed Triple 1050. This is the newest bike I have ever ridden or owned, and I am still undecided about it. Personally, I don't like the look of these bikes, it's...

A fond farewell to the Beard Juice Cafe Racer

  A fond farewell to the Beard Juice Cafe Racer The Beard Juice Cafe Racer is/was the first ever bike build for me, and it's very hard for me to see the girl go, but as space is tight and the next project is calling, its time say auf wiedersehen. So spend a...

Back Alley Legend

Company: Back Alley Custom Cycles Location: Rochford • England Speciality: Metal Engraving & Custom Bike Builds As this is my first ever 'Interview' I may have made a mistake or two so I apologize in advance for lack of video. Almost immediately upon...

Beard Juice Cafe Racer Video

9 Months in the Making for 1 Day in September   Some of you may have seen me going on and on about the bike (quite a lot). But for those of you who havent heres a quick recap of what and why. Last year (2016) I was in London for...

The Beard Juice BMW K100 Cafe Racer

The Beard Juice Cafe Racer 2017 At the ripe old age of 43, I have never owned a motorbike. I could say that I have always been a petrol head and I do love cars, and when in my early teens you were either in the get a bike when your 16 group, or save up for a car when...

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