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Blood Biker

Since becoming a ‘biker’ way back in 2017 (yes that’s sarcasm) my life has changed quite dramatically. I’ve got a bunch of new biker friends, I have seen parts of the country I never would have, I get out more, I’ve got a new business, I read more, yes mostly bike related but its still reading, I could go on giving you lots of examples of how significantly 2 wheels have changed so much of my life.

Unfortunately, there are also some downsides to this new found love. You see in this world of internet, my social media accounts are also now geared to pretty much everything motorbike. And as I am sure you agree, there doesn’t seem to be an hour that goes by without another post of a someone’s pride and joy be stolen, yet another innocent being mugged or attacked by a couple of rats on a stolen ped, and basically a constant trickle of doom, gloom and misery all with one same theme.. motorbikes. So I thought I would try and find some positives and maybe try and give something back.

blood biker

I have heard of the blood biker, but never really thought anything about it. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago when I saw a post regarding some low lives who stole a blood bike outside a hospital while the rider was delivering. That was the final jolt I needed to get the ball rolling. I know I’m still a ridiculously inexperienced rider and nothing but time and riding will change that, but there’s no harm in getting the information and see if I can meet the criteria.

After a quick look over the Blood Bikes website  I found my nearest Blood Bike Group which is ServKent   Within in an hour or so of contacting them I got all the details I needed to get the ball rolling.

You need a full unrestricted license for the vehicle you drive/ride, and need a minimum 1 years driving experience and are required to have advanced rider training qualifications (which I don’t) along with being able to give a minimum of 2 shifts per month outside normal working hours. So basically 2 evenings/nights a month. You can, of course, do more if you can.

Blood Biker

You will also need to have your own bike (a problem for me at the moment). Naively I thought that you would be using theirs, but you have to use your own bike. The Kent group does have a small fleet of bikes, but they are for riders that have been in service for over a year.

So the plan is to get my bike road worthy ASAP get an advanced rider certification and hopefully join the SERV Kent Bloodrunners.

If you have a couple of spare nights a month why not look up your local group and become a blood runner.