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Triumph Speed Triple

So now the K100 has gone, its time to turn my attention to the new stallion in the stable, my 2012 Triumph Speed Triple 1050.

This is the newest bike I have ever ridden or owned, and I am still undecided about it. Personally, I don’t like the look of these bikes, it’s those headlights which stick way out in front of the bike which for me just don’t look good. I guess its one of those marmite bikes you either love it or hate it. Haven ridden it, of course, it’s a million miles away from what I am used to, and I love the speed and power it produces and the exhaust gives some gorgeous burbles when you let off the revs.

The plan is/was to turn it into a Cafe Racer, and this time go all out. I’m looking to produce a show-stopping, award-winning masterpiece. This is going to be a serious step up from the K100 build. We are talking custom tank, custom rear subframe, lots of metal and fiberglass fabricating, lots of electrical and LEDs, lots of bare metal polishing and paintwork.

But I’m still not 100% taken by the bike, there are so many other bikes out there that I would like to work on, and would also be a lot easier to build, which i know is the easy way out, and this build will push me WAY beyond my experience and knowledge.

So the jury is still out, and I am giving myself a few more days to decide before the grinder comes out!