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Triumph Speed Triple Cafe Racer

TripleB Build No.2

Name: Thunder

There’s no going back, I have crossed the point of no return.

I have spent a few weeks “do I don’t I” whether to keep or get rid the Speed Triple. I haven’t had a huge amount of time on the bike, but the few times I did, it was amazing albeit a bit twitchy compared to the old K100, but we are comparing chalk and cheese

Anyway, I decided to let the eBay Gods make the decision for me by putting the headlights up for sale. I decided if they sold over the weekend of listing them then I would have no option but to keep the bike and have my way with it. Needless to say, the lights sold within a couple of hours so that was that.

So… This is it, this blog will be the place to come and see the progress of the build step by step. This is going to be a very different build compared to the K100. I am estimating it is going to be a minimum 6-month build. Although the bike is working like a charm, most of the work I want to do is going to be completely custom hand built work. I plan to do the majority of the work myself apart from the tank, as my welding skills still are not up to the quality I need for the fuel tank, as it is going to be completely redesigned. Other than that everything will be done in-house.  

Triumph Speed Triple Design Concept:

  • Cafe Racer with a triple theme
  • Custom front fairing with 3 small lights and an LED strip running light
  • Custom Dual analogue gauges along with an idiot light centre display
  • Custom Radiator fairing with grill insert
  • Custom fuel tank
  • Dual or possibly triple Stainless exhaust system
  • Custom rear end making it thinner with dual purpose single and pillion seat
  • Colour Scheme Black & Gold with triple pinstripe along the length of the bike and on the rear wheel
  • .Speed Shifter with a 17/45 sprocket conversion
  • Custom LED brake/taillight system
  • Custom Pillion footrest LED brake lighting
  • Keyless Start
  • More as the build progresses ……